Saturday, January 03, 2015

Looking for a dog or cat you saw a picture of at PACC?

If you are here looking for more information about a dog or cat that I took a picture of, you can click above on the green bar that says, "Dog Walk 2014" or "Kitty Cuddles 2014".

Please note that my information on whether or not they are adopted may not be up to date.  Also note that any comments I make is based only on my personal experience with that specific animal. 

You can also visit Pima Animal Care Center on line for dogs HERE

For cats, visit HERE.

On either page, you can click on "NAME" and have pets listed alphabetically by name. If they're not in the system, chances are they are probably adopted.

But, please, double check by calling Pima Animal Care Center at 520-243-5900.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dogs of Sickbay 12/10

These aren't all the pups. Just the few that I was able to interact with. Not all of these pups are even in Petharbor or showing as available for adoption.

Sweet Agatha - A502607. Rottweiler and Sharpei mix.
1 year, URI

I think this is Cameron - A502614
1 of 18-20 chihuahuas that were confiscated. 
2 years, URI

Dodger - A503540
2 years, Male, URI
Kenneled with Scout

Dottie - A502710
3 years, tumors on her belly, URI

Judy & Dottie - A502710
3 years, tumors on her belly, URI

Ghost - A501361
Beautiful and Elegant, a volunteer favorite.
18 months?, possible amputation of front left limb

Ghost - A501361
Beautiful and Elegant, a volunteer favorite.
18 months?, possible amputation of front left limb

Hooch - A503445
2 years, Male, URI

2 years, 7 month, URI

She is in a video on my Facebook page. She can barely breathe, but she wants to shake my hand. Very, very sweet girl that is soooo soft like a teddy bear. Kenneled with Agatha.

Savannah - A502036
4 years, URI

I love her T-rex leg
Kenneled with 4 other chihuahuas. She was part of the big confiscation.

Scout - A503070
8 years, URI

What a sweet and loving dog. Kenneled with Dodger.

5 months, broken leg
Marked as a black lab but I see Sharpei.
There is something about this dog that reminds me of my sister in law's ex. Don't know.

Unknown male. No paperwork

Unknown male with broken leg. No paperwork

Unknown chihuahua.
There were 4 or 5 in a separate kennel. Part of the 18-20 that were confiscated.

Toby -  A501071
1 year, URI

Now Toby is a dog that is really full of energy. He was bouncing all over everywhere. BUT, all I had to do was to tell him to knock it off and he sat down nice and still for that picture. He is ready to play but listens well. He'd be a great dog for a family with older kids.

and that's all I have today. Pass this around please. Not all the dogs are on Petharbor or showing as available for adoption.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


A few weeks ago, I attended the Pet Expo in Tucson.

I was walking around with Cassie, trying to get her acclamated to the scene when I heard a voice from behind me:

"Take my picture, send it to me and I'll send you something!"

I turned around and there was a gentleman surrounded my smiling balls.

How could I not take his picture?

So I did.

I took his picture, emailed it to him and thought I wouldn't hear back.

But, I did hear from him!

He asked me for my address and within just a few days, I received one of his smiling balls!

It was an orange tennis ball sized ball with giant smiling teeth. I turned it around and noticed that it had a hole for treats to place inside. It also bounced like a tennis ball.

My dalmatian LOVES tennis balls. Was she going to like this one?

We went outside and I threw it. It took her a few tries before she accepted it as one of "hers" but eventually she took it on.

I love this ball. It's very durable and the best part is that it doesn't absorb water. It was a rainy day today and tennis balls always get wet (usually with dog slobber) and muddy. I just bounced the ball on the bricks and wiped it off with a towel and it was clean.

Here are some pictures of Zoe playing with the Grinz Ball. You can order them here: Grinz Ball.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

New December pages

at My Creative Scrapbook!

Here are my pages. Be sure to go to the above link to check out all the others. It was a great kit! A fabulous selection of paper and oodles of embellishments!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Instructions for My Creative Scrapbook November pages

Hi everyone,

Here are the instructions/tips for my November pages from the fabulous Creative kit at My Creative Scrapbook. 

4 kittens:

I had a small pile of ribbon collars sitting on my dining room side table and knew I better do something with them before they were lost.

While we were fostering kittens, my daughter gave each one a pretty ribbon. We took them off before we took them to Petsmart for adoption.

If you've ever considered fostering,  DO IT! It's so worth it. These kittens and mom were going to die if someone didn't step in and rescue them.

Anyway, I printed the picture as shown and set them on top of some scrap patterned paper from a previous layout. I inked the sides.

The title was placed at the top and the little pink "Hello Kitty" tag is from one of my daughter's shirts.

I used the computer to type out the rest of the title "grew out of their ribbons", cut them up and inked each piece.

I added some heart stickers here and there to help move the viewer's eye down the page.

The ribbon is just tied in a bow and stuck down with glue dots.

I used the Mini Attacher to staple down the kittens' ribbons.

Hello Sunshine:

I remember waking up in the tent and seeing this. I grabbed my camera (yes, always kept close) and took the picture of Katrina peeking through the screen. There is just something so serene about the photo for me. 

I positioned the photo on the right with her looking up. I then added the yellow circle to represent the sun and added a few butterflies.

After I finished, Kat said that it looked boring and too simple so I used the masks to spray some gold ink around the page. I sprayed some on the saying (and then added a bow).

I had already arranged my photo and stuck it down, so I used another piece of paper to protect it from the spray. I used the mask two more times around the page and I think it gave it some more interest.

I used some Stickles around the triangles in the patterned paper and then added the journaling under the photo.

Mickey & Me:

I'll never forget this day. Trent was almost 6 and we were in line at Disneyland for a ride. We had waited quite a while and Trent had become friends with the very young ladies in front of us. He was trying to make an impression on them when he asked me to take his picture with Mickey Mouse. He leaned up against the rock and had that very serious smile on his face.

I kept the cut off border on the red and white dot paper. I turned the stripe paper horizontal and attached it to the red and white dot.

I decided where I wanted the photo and then used my Martha Stewart anywhere punch to cut out the stars. If you don't have an anywhere punch, you can use any punch and add the punched parts to the page.

I arranged the cameras around the photo and turned the red & black circle stickers into a Mickey Mouse head.

I just kept adding stickers until I felt it was balanced.

Pirate Patti:

When I was a kid, I would babysit for Patti who lived 2 houses down. She and my mom were best friends. All of us stayed in Tucson, but years later we moved to different neighborhoods.  We had always kept in contact with Patti and her family. We love them like family.

Patti had always had some health issues and things seemed to be getting worse for her. She threw herself a giant pirate party on what she thought for sure would be her last birthday. She even invited Jack Sparrow. You can see him behind my son. ;)

The party was a blast and it was her last birthday party. We will never forget Patti and I'm grateful that my kids got to know her, too.

BTW, the page isn't that crooked in real life. The flowers make it bumpy on the scanner so it scans weird.

I wanted to do something different with the masks this time. I used some modeling paste and swiped it over the mask to give the corners some texture. After it dried, I add some distress ink to help it stand out a bit more.

I sprayed gold ink on the flowers and arranged them on the page. The other flowers were cut from the patterned paper. Some of the flowers are on 3-D dots and others are flat. Distress ink was swiped on the edges of the flowers.

After arranging the flowers and photo, I added the title and used stickers around the page.

The bow is tied and I just used a glue dot to stick it to the page.

That's all I have for now! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rest in Peace, Storm

Rest in Peace my sweet love .I'm sorry I didn't get to know you.

Storm was one of our sick bay boys. Giardia and Kennel Cough. He just got worse and worse and he was so sick he could hardly lift his head. Dr. Wilcox put him down to keep him from suffering.

Monday, November 17, 2014


The first thing at Help Desk today, I asked a crying woman if she needed a hug. She fell into my arms and bawled. She was putting her dog down. I told her over and over how sorry I was and that she would meet her sweet pup at the Rainbow Bridge someday soon.

The last thing I did at Help Desk at PACC was stand in the hallway and hold the leash of an elderly boxer. The tech had taken him back to get the vet's opinion on whether he was treatable. The answer was, "no" and she suggested euthanasia. I held the leash while the tech went back up to the customer to see if she wanted to say a final good-bye to her boxer.

The boxer leaned up against me when some strangers came by and that's when I started to cry. I bent down to pet him and told him it would be OK. His owner did come back to the hallway to say good-bye. I handed her the leash, said, "I'm so sorry, " and left in tears.

Little did I know that all of that was foreshadowing what I would experience when I got home today. 

Within 30 minutes of arriving home, a neighbor kid walked through my backyard. This always causes the adrenaline in the dogs to skyrocket a bit and they bark and they bark. This time was different and I don't know why. For some reason the dogs re-directed their energy on my weak, 15 year old girl, Gigi.

The last picture I took of Gigi. Today in her "Old Lady Christmas Sweater".

I was in the bedroom when it happened. The kids ran out and broke up the fight by yelling and waving their arms. All three dogs were shuffled into their crates.

I stopped to look at Gigi. I could see bone on her back thigh.

We took her to the vet within minutes. The kids went to the neighbors and I called Erik to meet me at the vet.

While Gigi was able to get in the car, she couldn't get out and we had to use a stretcher.

The vet said there was a lot of damage. Not just to her leg but a HUGE part of her belly had been ripped away and who knows what kind of damage to internal organs could have occurred. The puncture under her neck was deep.

Once he explained the amount of damage and how it could be even worse once they got inside, we decided that Gigi should not have to go through this surgery, especially at 15+ years old.

She already has a hard time getting around with her arthritis and she's on meds for that.

The vet agreed that putting Gigi down was an acceptable choice. But I'm still sick to my stomach.

She went so peacefully. She didn't flinch or jump or jerk.

I'm so sorry, Gigi. You were the best dog ever. You were so low maintenance, you were like a cat. You were always everyone's friend. We love you and we miss you.

We love you! Good Girl=Gigi

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