Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Living above our means

Oh, it's summer at the Binnie house. You can tell because all the fans are on and you can smell the kids because they don't shower as often.

Erik still has no job. Thank you University of Arizona for screwing us so badly. I will make sure that none of my children get an education from you.

So, what does a family with no income for 4.5 months do for fun?

Gluttonous use of water in the kid's old baby pool. Oh, but it gets worse.

We wanted the dogs in the pool for entertainment so I threw a couple ice cubes in there. They LOVE ice cubes. However, they weren't interested in them floating around the pool so I brought out carrots.

I think they love carrots more than ice cubes.

We threw carrots in the pool and watched the dogs dive for them. Now that is fun!

You can see from Kat's expression that she is having the best time of her life.


The dogs are really enjoying it, too. 

You can also tell that I'm having a really bad day. Sorry. I'll come back when I'm in a better mood or when Erik finally gets a job. Whichever comes first. 

Erik and I make lists of things we want to repair/replace after he gets a job. We're like little kids at Christmas making their wish list.  The list keeps getting longer and longer.  

There is no living anymore. It's simply existing. There is nothing to look forward to. There are no feelings. Nothing.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

This day

A new page I made today. Paint, ink, templates, patterned paper and some rhinestones and such.

The pictures are about 10 years old. Last month, Trent took a band trip to Disneyland and he came home telling us stories about this great place in Disneyland where everything is super large and there were spouts of water and on and on and on.

I showed him the pictures of him there at that exact same spot 10 years ago and he couldn't remember.

I thought it was time I made the page from that day. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Fair

My friend, Joanne, gave us 4 passes to the fair plus a free parking pass.

I was excited to see the animals.

We brought $20 and that was it. We don't have money to be spending on things like the Fair.

The obligatory photo by the photo booth.

After we looked at the animals, we stopped so Trent could buy some funnel cake with his own money.

Kat wanted cotton candy so we bought her that.

We walked around for awhile looking at rides that the kids may want to ride.

The finally settled on something called the Wave Rave. Or something like that.

It cost us the last $15.00 for them to take this ride.

But they enjoyed it. They really did. And they are the best kids because I said that I was sorry that we couldn't afford to get them another ride and they both said,

"That's OK, Mom! We really had a lot of fun and enjoyed it."

We had 6 (worthless) tickets left on our card so we gave them to a mom with 3 young boys and then we left.

It was nice. For a few minutes I forgot about our issues and I was just in the moment of watching my kids have fun. It's something we haven't had in awhile.

Thank you, Joanne!

Friday, March 06, 2015

My friend and fellow animal rights advocate needs help!

Remi's mom lost her job a couple months ago. She is looking hard for a new one but in the meantime, she has a pup that needs cancer medication.

Can you please help?


Thank you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kat requested Nirvana

at the elementary school's Spaghetti Western Dance.

I was surprised.

Smells like teen spirit

I was volunteering and taking photos.

I wanted to hear Beastie Boys, "Girls" but it was gently suggested that I go back into my corner.

I knew at that point there was no chance I'd get them to play some Skinny Puppy.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Chip Holds

Here is reason #429 to send in/update chip information when you own an animal.

This is Payton. He is 13 years old and his owner brought him in for euthanasia. He doesn't walk well and is in obvious discomfort.

Payton has to sit in the shelter for 7 days because the person that brought him in did not update his chip information. Payton's chip is registered to the person that owned him before. This family has to be contacted before the shelter can euthanize him OR Payton has to wait (by law) 7 days and if he is "unclaimed" during that time period, THEN the shelter can put him out of his misery.

Payton is housebroken. He is not allowed to go for walks because the shelter does not have confirmation on who owns him.

So, here he spends that last week of his life missing his family, confused why he is there, scared and alone, feeling guilty for relieving himself in his kennel and in obvious discomfort from whatever ailment a 13 year old dog gets.

Update your chips, please.

and YES, there is the possibility that the person(s) that brought him in really isn't his owner and his "real" owners will be thrilled to find him. However, in my limited experience, that doesn't happen very often.

PACC will allow a finder of an animal the option of taking that animal home while a "Found Report" is posted on their web site. The finder just has to show a driver's license so when the true owner calls, a reunion between the dog and their real owner can happen. 

I wonder if PACC could be allowed to give owner who requests euthanasia, the option to take the animal home for the 7 day time period IF the chip doesn't match the current owner?

Why make the animal suffer like Payton has to?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My name is Bowen.

I died alone on the cold, concrete floor at Pima Animal Care Center. I was only 18 months old and didn't ever have a chance at a normal dog life.

No one noticed that I was sick the last week before I died.
No one noticed that I could hardly walk the last week before I died.
No one noticed the putrid smell or my pus covered neck the last week before I died.

This is 1 of only 2 pictures of me. This was taken the day before I died. I did not feel good at all.

I am a Pit Bull mix, not a cute little Pug mix or a beautiful Shepherd.

I'm just a black and white Pit Bull. I'm just another Pit Bull in the hundreds of other Pit Bulls at Pima Animal Care Center.


Bowen was a field confiscate on 11/23/14. This means the owner was probably told that he needs to give his dog up or he'd be fined for neglect or for whatever irresponsible behavior the owner had with his dog.

Bowen's review date at PACC was 12/02/14.

He was reviewed on 12/03/14:

He weighed 55 pounds
BCS (Body Condition Scale) 4/9
No temp was taken
He was QAR (Quiet, Alert Responsive)
CRT was 2 seconds
Pulse 90
Resp 30
Intact male
Healing wound on right hind leg
Everything else, within normal limits

He passed, looked good and was set for neutering the next day.

12/04/14 Neutering Day

Temp 103.9
Reported that he "has high temp and crusty eyes"


Notes: "Temp yesterday at S/N clinic was 103.9, but BAR, no nasal/ocuolar discharge. Recheck temp today 101.2, wt=49#. Ate meatball of canned food readily. No tx indicated."


Marked as "Adoptable"


I find him. He's brought to my attention by another volunteer. He can't walk. She's been instructed by staff to take him from the indoor kennels in the main room up to the tent but he won't go. He can't walk.

When I look at him, I can actually smell him first. It's the smell of infection and it's strong. I don't know where it's coming from. I look in his mouth to see if there is an infection in there and I notice his gums, they're very pale. His cheeks and lips are cold.

I pick him up and carry him to the vet.

This is when I realize it's his neck covered in pus.

Weight: 48.4
Temp: 101.3
Depressed, drooling. Ate canned cat food reluctantly.
Odorous fur
Moist dermatitis on ventral mandible/neck.
Seromucoid nasal discharge and ocular crust.
A: Severe URI

Dr. Wilcox treated him with antibiotics and SQ fluids IMMEDIATELY and IMMEDIATELY got a kennel ready for him in sick bay.

I carried him to his kennel and laid him down on his bed. I had to leave as I had pus on my clothes and didn't want to spread infection.

It was the last time I saw him.

I asked about him Saturday, Sunday and it wasn't until Wednesday, 12/17 when I was back in Sick Bay, that I was told he was found on the floor Saturday morning (12/13/14). Dead. There was a small amount of blood next to him.

I had many questions for the Live Rescue Coordinator at PACC, including:
  • Why was he neutered at a 103.9 temp?
  • Why was he marked as a "A" just two days before he was dead?
  • What happened to him in the week between being neutered and death?
  • Do the inmates not notice when they're trying to pull a dog out of his kennel and he won't walk? 
  • Do the inmates let someone know when a dog is sick?
  • You could smell his infection from 5 feet away. Why was he being moved to the tent?
  • Why was he NOT on the walker board? Another volunteer would have noticed he was sick before it was too late? (I asked a volunteer that is there nearly daily if she had ever put him on the walker board. The answer was no, meaning that he had not been released for walking. Dogs with a E-Collar are allowed to walk, just not as far)


The Live Release Coordinator's answer to this was honest. He was disappointed as well that this dog fell through the cracks.

"We are understaffed."

Pima County, DO SOMETHING about this. This dog was confiscated from his owners for a reason.  The reason was NOT so he could die alone on the cold cement floor. There is no proper excuse for this. NONE whatsoever.

I can remember during my PACC Volunteer Orientation it was stated, that for some dogs, PACC is the best place they've ever been. Many dogs are kept in the cold with no water, food or shelter. When they come to PACC, they are warm and safe. I believed that and that is what made me come back to do the volunteer training and volunteer hundreds of hours over the last year.

Bowen was NOT safe at PACC. He was overlooked. 

He was neglected at PACC the same way he was neglected by the owner he was taken away from.

Bowen, I will not let your death be in vain. You will be the dog that sparks a change, that touches someone's heart, that helps make a decision that this will never, ever happen again.

ETA 1/28 3:00 PM: SOMEONE took off his E-Collar. He was wearing one in the first picture on his kennel card. Did that same SOMEONE NOT notice the smell? or the moisture? or the fact that he was so sick?

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