Saturday, January 03, 2015

Looking for a dog or cat you saw a picture of at PACC?

If you are here looking for more information about a dog or cat that I took a picture of, you can click above on the green bar that says, "Dog Walk 2014" or "Kitty Cuddles 2014".

Please note that my information on whether or not they are adopted may not be up to date.  Also note that any comments I make is based only on my personal experience with that specific animal. 

You can also visit Pima Animal Care Center on line for dogs HERE

For cats, visit HERE.

On either page, you can click on "NAME" and have pets listed alphabetically by name. If they're not in the system, chances are they are probably adopted.

But, please, double check by calling Pima Animal Care Center at 520-243-5900.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hi Heather - an email from my grandmother and my response (pic heavy)

Just checking in a bit later than usual. Nothing exciting to report from here. It's time to go play laser tag with Kiki. Bet you don't have anything that interesting to do. Hi.

Have a good one.

Love, GB

My response which I added to because I totally forgot about the "pretty snapper" and the fire alarm:
Hi Grandma,

Here's my day...

We were asked if we wanted to walk dogs from the vet's clinic. We were honored for the opportunity and happy to help!

The first dog came with strict instructions. She had just had surgery to remove some cancerous masses. I was told, "If she starts bleeding a lot, bring her back." We had to bring her back.

I think her name was Darla. Very, very sweet dog!

Kat carried a dog that had just been spayed. She was loose in the clinic but as soon as we put a leash on her, she was all, "I'm not going anywhere" and had to be carried.


Then we were told another dog could only be carried. We could put him down to do his business, but that was all. Why? Because his pelvis was broken. When I put him down to pee, all he did was wiggle around and try to jump on me. I picked him back up right away because I was terrified he was going to hurt himself more.

When I held him, all he could do was give me kisses. He was one of the sweetest and happiest dogs I've met at PACC.
We walked a dog that had a broken snout and were warned not to let it pick up anything from the ground. We were told to go slow because she like to run. Oh, boy! She was all over the place and the walk was cut a little short because I was worried she would hurt herself more.

Then we played with a puppy that had been hit by a car. His name was, "401" because that was the exit or something where they had found him. He pooped and then drug the leash through the poop. I renamed him to Mr. Poopers but the techs didn't like that much.

Mr. Poopers, errr..I mean 401.
We patted on a puppy's ribcage because it had pneumonia and we wanted to help it clean out it's lungs.

Then we hung out with a dog that had just been neutered and had an open wound on it's leg but it had been stitched up. Somehow while we were with the dog, it opened up its stitches and we had to bring him back, too.

We also played with a dog that had just had his leg amputated and was stapled all back together. The wound looked really, really fresh, but he didn't seem to mind. He was already sitting and trying to get into my lap to cuddle and kiss my face.

Cheerios says, "4 legs are overrated!"

Customers broke up a dog fight and I pulled out a bleeding dog from the kennel. I delivered him to the vet directly to get checked out. It was just a small amount of blood but I felt he still needed to be checked out. Sorry, no picture.

Kat and I asked permission to move Franki to another kennel up front with another chihuahua, Marco. She was having socialization issues and I thought Marco would help her relax and give her tips on kissing and lap sitting. We had her in the kennel for 3 minutes and then the fire alarm went off. Kat grabbed Marco and I grabbed Franki and we headed to the nearest exit (as we were instructed to).

On our way out, we were told that it was OK to stay where we were. False alarm. We put the chis back in the kennel and watched them for a few minutes. Checking again on them later, Franki actually came to the front of the kennel for treats. She used to stay as far back in the kennel as possible. Score for us!

We took a picture of a beautiful chihuahua we had seen on PACC's intake photos. She was beautiful in her intake photo and I wanted to try and capture her photo before she was adopted/rescued because then the picture falls off Petharbor never to be seen again. Her name is Sammi:

 Here's the description of her that I gave someone else: 

I tried to take another picture of her today before the chi rescue got there. I didn't pull her out of her kennel because she did not appreciate my artistic vision and showed me her teeth. This was all I got and it's blurry. 
By the way, her teeth were pretty, too! Shiny and white!

I took a picture of a pit bull whose head was covered in scabs from what looked like bites. Look at the poor guy's ears. Chopped off with scissors probably.

I yelled at two kids because they were trying to climb on top of the kennels. Sorry, no pictures.

We played ball with a dog that's last day might be today. I think we wore him out because he flopped into his bed when we took him back to his kennel. I'd like to think he had a happy day. 

Bandit is a happy boy. He got a walk from a volunteer today, he got to hang out with Matt West in the office for a bit, he got to play ball in the meet and greet with me and Kat, he drank a bunch of water and then knocked over what was left in the bowl and bounced around in the puddle he made. He ate 40,000 treats and sat for each one. He stood by the gate and wanted to go back to his kennel to relax. When we got back to his kennel, he drank more water and then threw himself on his bed for a nap. If this is his last day, it was a good one! :)

I helped a tech give Bailey, one of my other favorite dogs, ear drops for her bad ears. It was the first time I ever saw her pissy and bare her teeth! I scolded her for that!

I took pictures of a dog that had a horrible wound on his leg. The tech said it was either a break (waiting on x-rays) or a rattlesnake bite but either way, he may not survive. I didn't think he should die without a name, so Kat named him "Sunshine". We didn't even know he was a he until he stood up.

And he is being treated for his pain. No panic, please. We have a GREAT NEW VET that has taken wonderful care of ALL these animals!

I pulled Taco out from underneath his bed, where he has been hiding since his kennel mate, Jack, was adopted yesterday. We thought he needed a break so we took him outside. I've walked him before. He's on my Flickr page and he's the only chihuahua that I've ever walked from the shelter that knows how to sit for a treat.
Anyway, he was so nervous in the kennels. When we took him outside, his body language began to change. As a breeze would come up, he would close his eyes, put his nose up and just take it all in. He seemed so happy and content and I loved to watch him be at peace for just a few moments.
A new dog came in and Michelle took him into the office where Kat found him. She had tied him to her chair. Michelle weighs like 50 pounds so anytime the dog moved, he would drag her around with him. He is beautiful!! He has one blue eye and one brown eye.

And then, Matt helped me and Kat take pictures of puppies with ringworm because someone in internet land wanted to know if the dogs were part whippet. Kat and I went into a room we've never been in before.

Kat and I found paperwork on top of a freezer with a picture of a dead skunk on it. I guess there was a skunk in the freezer.

By the time we left, I had washed off dog blood, dog poop, dog food and dog slobber from somewhere off my body.

It was a GREAT day!

Hope yours was just as exciting.



Monday, March 31, 2014

Be an Animal Advocate

I'm reaching out to all my scrapbook friends here...

I know you have a room full of older scrapbook supplies that even your local church or preschool doesn't want anymore, right? Does the Kindergarten teacher look away when she sees you coming with a box?

Maybe you don't want to scrapbook anymore (I still do) but you're looking for something different? Or maybe you're just stuck?

Why not visit your local animal shelter, meet a homeless dog, cat or other pet and make a small page for them. Help them get noticed. Help them find a home.

Stay away from the puppies and kittens, they'll be adopted.

Stay away from the dog and the cat that have been there the longest. I can guarantee that if you ask ANYONE that works or volunteers in the shelter, "Which one has been here the longest?", they can point you to the longest resident. I bet they'll be so excited that you asked and they will walk you over to their kennel. Even my husband, that has set foot in the shelter ONCE, can tell you which dog has been there the longest.

Find an animal that is older, marked BITER (in most cases, the bite happened during the time they were picked up as a stray or a child wasn't be properly supervised and they're still awesome dogs) or find an animal that maybe isn't the cutest, like Hennesy (below) who has scars and hair loss and is just brown. She doesn't have any specials spots or stripes or special descriptions like brindle, merle, redtick or bluetick.

She's just brown.

And she is a Pit Bull.

How many second glances would you give to a dog that looks like her?

I think she's cute as a button but that's because I "know" her.

I just met Hennesy a couple weeks ago. When I looked her up on the internet, I was surprised and saddened to see that she has been in the shelter since January 28. I thought she was new. What were you doing on January 28? Do you even remember? It was so long ago that I can't remember what I was doing. Imagine what two months is like for a homeless pet that only live 15 years (if they're lucky). I had never seen her before mid March.

That's a LONG time to wait.

When I walked Hennesy, the first thing I noticed was that she was a little jumpy and anxious when I got her out of her kennel. She scared the heck out of my daughter to be honest.

I have learned that living in a shelter is not something all dogs can do. Some make it longer than others and some go kennel crazy. The small walls, the constant barking, the lack of friendly human contact and the strange people that stare or poke them with needles get to some animals more quickly than others.

Hennesy freaks when she is being taken out of her kennel. The SECOND you get her outside, away from that confined and noisy area, she is fine.

She is so happy on our walk that she actually jumps and prances a little. A butterfly flew by and she tried to pounce on it. She didn't pull on the leash and she knows how to sit.

When we sat for "cuddle time", she sat down beside me for me to pet her and for her to give me big slobbery kisses.

If you were walking by a kennel and saw that someone had taken the time to make a little page about a dog or a cat would you stop and take a second look?

I would!

Would you think a little more about this brown dog with scars and hair loss if you knew she liked to chase butterflies and give kisses?

I would!

Do a little something for a homeless pet. Even if you do one a month, you're helping a pet, that most people would walk by and not pay attention to, get noticed.

and you'll feel good about it, too. I promise.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What we did during Spring Break

I know there are several moms out there that don't like it when their kids are home from school, but I'm the opposite. I love it.

This is what we did. Believe me, these kids were worn out every day. Ha!

We walked dogs. Lots of dogs. Here is Kat and Trent with Temp.
We played with the PACC office cat when no one was looking. 

We took pictures of dogs and did everything we could to get them to sit still.

Lola wanted to cuddle up next to Kat. It was one of the only ways we could get her to sit still.

This is Trent with Indie. He had to lay down on the fake grass to get Indie to chill next to him.

We sat in cages in order to attract people to look at certain cute little white terriers as their next pet.

and then, when we tried to take a break from dogs, we found stray dogs in our yard.

It was a busy, busy week and Kat still wanted to go back to PACC today even after she had been to a sleepover last night. We're exhausted but it was a good week. I even saw Trent smile a couple of times.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Close to Mommy

Shannon, having gone through all the electronics available to chew in the bedroom found herself in a difficult spot.

She was surrounded by stuffy toys, Kongs, and shoes but none of them appealed to her. Her mouth was watering for something new.

Suddenly, one ear went straight up and she had an idea! Mommy's glasses! They smell like Mommy and they'll be perfect. I'll give them a little chew. I'll make them look better.

Ooops, I swallowed one of those round plastic things. What are those red sparkly things in the corners?

This is what I came home to. We never found the other lens.

"Where do you think it is?"

Kat says between giggles, "Digesting in Shannon's stomach."

and how do we know it was Shannon????

I had a red rhinestone stuck to each corner of the frame. One was still on the frame and the other we found on her belly when she rolled over for a rub.


I sure know how to pick 'em, huh?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break

It's Spring Break here and what are we doing?

Walking dogs.

Yep, there are 200 dogs now at PACC and they need to be walked every single day.

We're short volunteers so not all the dogs get to go out every day. You can usually tell the ones that don't get to go. They're still the ones barking at noon when the public comes in.

It's such a nice feeling when all the dogs get walked and when you walk through the kennels, it's actually quiet. The quiet only lasts a few seconds, but it's the nicest non-sound ever.

Here is a picture of Kat that Trent took. We had just given a dog a bath and she was in the puppy meet and greet drying it off with a towel and making it look so cute and irresistible that someone would have no choice but to adopt it. Not sure if she was adopted yet or not.

Kat and Trent walking dogs. This dog's name is Temp. She was so sweet but ended up in sick bay with a doggy cold, aka URI.

Later my father joined us and he and the kids did adoptions. I took a dog with Parvo to some vet's office on the south side of town and then picked up another one from there to bring back to PACC.

Yeah, did you read that? Parvo. Go get your dogs all their shots if they don't have them already. There is no reason for your dog to die from Parvo.

Tomorrow we're going to Pima Paws for Life. They have asked me to take photos of their newest dogs. I love that they asked me to do this. :) It's hard work but it's always very rewarding. All dogs should have good pictures that help them get adopted.

Then on Wednesday, we're back at PACC walking sick bay dogs.

One of these days, I'd like to get back into scrapbooking. I have so many pictures and so many ideas but I'm just running out of time these days.

Oh well, at least I'm sleeping better from all the walking and running around we do. That and my heart feels good. I feel like I'm finally doing something to help animals and that is a good feeling.

Take care everyone!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Hanging with Greyhounds

I volunteered to take some pictures for Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption during the Oro Valley Festival of Arts.

We learned all kinds of things about greyhounds!

For example, I had no idea that racing greyhounds' ears are tattooed.

This girl's ear is tattooed "37C". That means she was born in March 2007 and the "C" means she was the third of the litter to be tattooed.

The other ear has a tattoo of her ID number.

I've been taking photos of dogs for months and I always get them to sit. I was told that greyhounds really can't sit. They can kind of get into that position, but their butt never touches the ground. They're better at lying down.

Also, when a greyhound is hurt during training, he/she is automatically retired. Sometimes they're given to greyhound rescue, sometimes they are abandoned in the desert and sometimes they are "disposed of" in other ways.

Some dogs don't even like to race. If they are more apt to run up into the stands for a hotdog, they are retired as well.

I was also told that once they're retired, they're big ol' couch potatoes.

These are beautiful dogs and they were very welcoming to everyone that stopped by. What else was interesting was that there was no barking. Every owner there had a story about how their greyhound rarely barked.

It was a really windy day but otherwise it was beautiful. The sun, the dogs and all the nice people I met made it great!